Erik Rhay

Erik “Pixador” Rhay started training over eleven years ago. His early path in Capoeira, a Brazillian martial & cultural art, led him to Sifu Tyrone Angolia. Learning 7 Star Praying Mantis kung fu from Sifu Angolia instilled in him a love of hard work and pursuing excellence through mental focus & physical expression. This love would transform into a lifestyle of learning, teaching and travelling to explore, expand and share what martial arts could provide.

Over the next decade he would teach capoeira for various schools and non-profit organizations up and down the west coast. Leading the Capoeira Malês kids classes (ages 4-teen) in Seattle, WA as well as the after-school program in partnership with YMCA Powerful Schools. He also did workshops, interactive demos and performances for a number of events and organizations, like the University of Oregon, The Oregon Country Fair, Eugene Celebration, Northwest Folkfest and more; magnifying the joys of martial arts through sharing them, and learning more about himself through teaching others.

He has continued training & working with his long-time Sifu and now Professor, Tyrone Angolia, assisting him with his classes and programs for the last few years. “Pix” has also been a cornerman, training & sparring partner for several MMA camps, both amateur and professional, and is actively competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reaching the podium in every tournament entered.


Competition Record

  • 1st place No-Gi North American Grappling Association 2014
  • 2nd place Gi           North American Grappling Association 2014
  • 3rd place No-Gi Big 5 Grappling        2014
  • 1st place No-Gi North American Grappling Association 2016
  • 1st place Gi North American Grappling Association 2016
  • 1st place Gi Ground Warrior Submission Challenge 2017
  • 1st place Gi Subleague Submission Challenge        2018
  • 2nd place Gi Ground Warrior Submission Challenge 2019
  • 3rd place Gi IBJJF Portland Open                   2019


He looks forward to continuing his Martial path, striving to become a better martial artist, competitor and teacher.

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