Dress Code & Etiquette

Dress Code

For all students:
▪ Use Flip-flops/slippers when not on the mat.
▪ Remove any jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings) if at all possible, or put tape over them.
▪ No chewing gum on the mat.
▪ No clothing with zippers on the mat.
▪ No socks on the mat.
▪ All students must wear a mouthguard when sparring.
▪ Male students: Wear a cup if you want.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:
▪ Wear a Gi that is an appropriate size. A Gi can be any color, matching top and bottom.
▪ Wear your belt with your rank color and stripe level.
▪ Spats/Rashuards/T-shirts/Compression shorts may be worn under the Gi.
▪ Wear a t-shirt or rashguard under your Gi that is long enough to tuck in.

Muay Thai/MMA/No-Gi Jiu Jitsu:
▪ Wear athletic wear without zippers or pockets.
▪ Male students who want to wear leggings/spats must wear shorts over them.
▪ Students are expected to have their own equipment, (boxing gloves, shinguards, mouthguard, hand wraps, headgear). As a beginner, boxing gloves are the most important gear to have. More advanced students will need the other items.

We have gear & apparel for sale at the school:
Adult Gi $100 w/ White Belt
Kids Gi $80
Rashguard $40, Shorts $30
Boxing Gloves $30, Shinguards $55


Gym Etiquette

The appropriate form of address for black belt instructors is "Professor". All non-black belt instructors are “Coach”.
Please bow on and off of the mat. This is both to show respect and to remind you to leave the outside world behind and focus on your training.

▪ No shoes on the mat.
▪ Make sure all finger and toenails are kept trimmed to avoid cuts.
▪ If you are sick, do not train.
▪ Do not train with any form of skin infection.
▪ If you are waiting for a class to finish, wait quietly off of the mat.
▪ Show up on time for class.
▪ While the instructor is demonstrating sit or stand quietly and pay attention.
▪ Do not come to the gym smelling of smoke or of excessive perfumes or any kind.
▪ If you are expecting a lengthy absence from class, let your instructor know.
▪ Keep all personal belongings and gym bags in the changing rooms (except for gear needed for class).
▪ Help to keep the facility clean by throwing away trash and putting away gear.

▪ Challenging, “calling out” or otherwise pressuring someone who does not want to roll or spar is against our etiquette. Someone who normally would spar with you may need to sit out due to soreness, recovery, or injury prevention. No one is required to spar or roll.
▪ Be respectful and courteous to the people in the gym and refrain from using offensive language. This includes cussing, name-calling, and gender/ethnic/racial/sexual humor.
▪ Treat your training partners with respect. Match your energy to theirs when drilling and sparring. If you break them, you do not get another one.

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