Kids Summer Camps

We have Summer Camps through Corvallis Parks and Rec for this summer, 2019!

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BJJ / Striking Basics Summer Camp Martial arts is a fun way for kids to improve both their physical and mental skills. Morning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions focus on ground defense skills, how to fall safely, how to defend yourself on the ground, and how to throw an attacker off. Afternoon Striking sessions focus on dynamic movement, kicking and striking pads and bags.

Ages 6-15

1 Session: $75.00 ($94.00 Outside City)

Full Day: $140.00 ($175.00 Outside City)

Instructor: Rhay, Erik


Morning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

32715 9am–Noon June 24-June 28 M–F

32716 9am–Noon July 8–July 12 M–F

32717 9am–Noon July 15–July 19 M–F


Afternoon Striking Basics:

32718 1pm–4pm June 24-June 28 M–F

32719 1pm–4pm July 8–July 12 M–F

32720 1pm–4pm July 15–July 19 M–F


Full Day (Please bring a lunch each day):

32721 9am–4pm June 24-June 28 M–F

32722 9am–4pm July 8–July 12 M–F

32723 9am–4pm July 15–July 19 M–F

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